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We offer a wide range of comfortable and healthy mattresses for babies and children.
The Baby collection consists of: Latex Baby Mattresses, latex and coconut fibre CocoBaby and highly flexible EcoBaby mattresses.
The junior collection offers latex Junior mattresses at any size not only for pre school children but also for primary ones.
They are manufactured in Poland,
We cooperate only with the best Polish textile factory thatcreates our unique line production.
We use only the best texture with certificate: Öko-tex standard 100. Its safe for babies and children, and human friendly.
The healthy and correct babies growth plays a crucial role therefore our factory offers a wide range latex mattresses.


The adventages:

– They provide children healthy sleep and support their growth

– They do not deform and do not cause the posture defects

– Latex is a natural, anti ?allergic and hygienic product which lets in the air and keeps the body warmth at the same time. Its delicate structure does not cause bedsores nor breathlessness

– Latex foam is ecological, dust free and antibacterial. It is dust, mold and other microbial resistant

– They are not too soft or too hard, they perfectly adjust to children s bodies and their positions while sleeping,

– They are strong and long ?lasting. They can be used for ages

– Children are safe while sleeping even if the change their position ( latex breathes)







The covers materials are manufactured by the largest textile factory in Poland ZTK TEOFILÓW SA. Its made of cotton, PE fibers, and soft and delicate viscose.


The mattress covers let in the air. They also keep the correct body temperature and give the feeling of dry skin. All Vitmat mattress covers block the rise of microbial organisms and they keep the right pH level. They can be washed at 60 C temperature and they will still keep their properties and size. Every cover is quilted what makes it very soft and downy. It has a zip on four sides in its high part therefore it is easy to put it on and take it off. It is also reversible.





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